Corporate Website Redesign for Nexia BT (500+ pages)

Nexia BT Website Redesign


Nexia BT is one of the leading mid-tier audit firms in Malta and a member of Nexia International, a top ten worldwide network of independent business advisors, consultants, auditors and accounting firms present in over 120 countries.

They needed an UX/UI overhaul of their website that meets their business needs and aligns with their present brand identity.


Enhance the user experience by improving the usability and ease of use of the site to make sure user goals, mental models, and requirements are met.

Redesign the website’s user interface that fits modern trends whilst sticking close to the Nexia International website style and brand guidelines.


Research, Prototyping, Wireframing, Design, Illustration.


Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Rarchy.

Table of Contents

Homepage design preview of Nexia BT

Starting points

Nexia’s website hadn’t been updated for over 5 years so the website and its functionalities were pretty outdated. There was a lot of room for improvement in terms of the user experience as well as the website interface.

However, as a Nexia member, the site couldn’t differentiate too much from the global mother site. I had to stick closely to their website guidelines and some existing functionalities. The end result fits perfectly within the Nexia guidelines and meets modern day trends.

Sitemap identification and reconfiguration

One of the first steps I follow when starting a project is identifying the website’s sitemap. I used Rarchy to generate a visual sitemap. A sitemap not only tells me how many pages I’m dealing with, but also gives me a clear overview of the website’s hierarchy.

Together with the team at Nexia, we had a deeper look at what pages can be removed or relocated for a better website architecture, as well as adding new pages that they wanted to integrate.

Sitemap of Nexia BT website

The website has over 500 pages in total. This high amount of pages is not only due to Nexia’s broad variety of services, but also because of a large number of insights and news articles. I designed around 30 templates in total that can cater for all the website pages.

Navigation rework

The old menu didn’t make a lot of sense in terms of hierarchy and layout. I redesigned the menu in a way so that users could reach any page on the website through just a few simple clicks.

Desktop menu

One of Nexia’s request was to have a dark double layered menu. Since most visitors scan a menu from left to right, I placed the highest priority pages on the left side of the menu, whilst having the remaining pages on the right side of the menu.

Desktop homepage GIF showing the menu functionalities and dropdowns

Mobile menu

As for the mobile navigation, Nexia really wanted to include a tab bar navigation menu at the top of the screen. The tabs link to the following pages; home, services, industries, insights and search.

The remaining pages that are visited less often such as the About, Careers, and Contact pages are accessible through the top right hamburger menu. This menu also offers room for Nexia to easily add additional navigation items when they decide to add more website sections.

User flow constructed with the final designs showing the mobile screen flow of the mobile menu

Mobile in-page navigation

Due to the tab bar navigation and hamburger menu, I wasn’t able to include the extensive desktop menu onto mobile. I had to find another way for users to easily manoeuvre themselves through all of Nexia’s services.

iPhone mock-up designs showing the mobile in-page navigation functionalities

I included additional in-page navigation that works very similar to the hamburger menu. This menu can be found right below the page introduction section and offers users a clear overview of all services and underlying service pages.

This feature was implemented onto all other pages that required additional navigation such as the industries, about, insights and news pages.

Extensive mobile search

Nexia has many users that use the search function to go through the site and find deeply nested content. The old search function wasn’t providing much else besides simple search suggestions, so there was a lot of room for improvement in terms of the user experience.

Wireframe designs showing the extensive mobile search functionalities of the mobile website

To increase the chances people find what they’re looking for, the users are now provided with their most recent searches as well as a shortlist of most popular site pages.

Design exports showing the mobile search flow of the mobile website

Once the user starts searching, it shows search suggestions based on the search input and a direct link to the respective search results page that provides the user with a broad range of useful links and information.

Content page template build-up

With its 500 website pages, Nexia offers a serious amount of content. I had to find a way for users to be able to easily accumulate this information.

Content page template build-up showing how the main content template page is constructed

I designed a universal template that can cater for pages with a large amount of content and provides clear navigation for underlying pages. By having the same layout for every page, the user knows what to expect and won’t come across any unexpected surprises.

Besides the extensive menu, the user can use the breadcrumb to navigate through a path of visited pages. Right below this, at the top of the content layer, the page is introduced by a descriptive title and subtext explaining what the page is about. Additional side navigation is provided to further guide the user through the different underlying pages, as well as a quick-links section linking to the most popular pages.

Final words

Due to its large amount of pages it was one of the biggest projects I’ve worked on. The project was delivered in roughly 2 months. This includes the research, feedback stages, and development handover.

The project management went extremely smoothly by working closely with the Nexia marketing team. We had numerous feedback calls to ensure the quality of the site as well as to align expectations. They also catered for all the website content and images. The website is developed onto Hubspot by Transfunnel, a HubSpot Diamond Partner in India & SEA.


Mobile iPhone mock-up of the mobile homepage
Tablet mock-up of the site search page
Desktop mock-up of the about Nexia BT page
iPhone mock-up of the about Nexia BT page
Collection of iPhone mock-ups showing the Nexia BT website final designs
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